In the Next Breath

All I really want to do is have sex. And if IT Guy told me he wanted me? Yeah. Let’s just say that would be a really hard thing to say no to.

Why does sex have to come with so much baggage?!

No sex since October. And I can’t get my husband to even touch me. I can’t get him to take a shower with me. I can’t get him to be rough. I can’t get him to kiss me… my lips, my neck, my chest…

I want to be wanted again. And I want to fall in love with someone.

I want the house. The baby. The everyday monotony of life. The cooking and baking. The laundry. The hand-holding. The kisses. The morning sex. The bad breath. The fights and makeups. The family visits and holidays….

I want to be normal… and I want to find someone that wants this just as much as I do….


~ by shespeakstruth on February 17, 2013.