Hello Mr. Moose.

That’s probably mean of me. But I’m sick with a head cold. And I sound like a moose. My throat. My nose. My head. All combine to get me, seriously, the most attractive moose mating call in the world.

I’ve already had two naps today. I’m about to add in the third. Cheerios are my choice today for a feel-good food. I’m going to hate cheerios after today I’m sure.

(I do sort of wonder… I mean… no one can NOT get sick ever. But I haven’t gotten a serious head cold like this in two years? Why now? Because my immune system is down? Because I’ve just started taking bc? Am I susceptible to more stuff because of what I went through recently?)

I’d also like to stop sneezing. Geezus.


~ by shespeakstruth on January 24, 2013.