On a happier note…

  • The pastries I sent to Husband’s work? Were gone in under an hour. 
  • As I was leaving work last night, a couple coworkers stopped me to ask if they could bring some of the treats I brought to work home.
  • I listened to music with a smile on my face on my way to work.
  • I didn’t get upset or impatient when I hit ridiculous traffic on the way to work.
  • My haircut is… just what I wanted. I love it.
  • Wearing lipstick makes my lips have a curl at the end, a constant smirk. I love what lipstick does to my self esteem.
  • Being tired every morning makes me grateful for my bed later tonight.
  • I’m halfway through the last book of my favorite series. I’m taking my time and savoring it.
  • My promotion will actually happen tomorrow.
  • My grandma called me, and told me she misses me. And wished I would move back. If only she knew…
  • I had a bowl of brussel sprouts for dinner. And enjoyed it.
  • The feeling of silk and cotton on my skin. Oh my.
  • The gray color of the sky this morning was out of this world gorgeous.
  • Regardless of whether I’m happy or sad, it’s nice to know that these smile dimples? Come with me 24/7. And show themselves at just the right moment.
  • I have another doc appointment today. And I’m going because I’m open-minded.
  • I found a preschool teacher to take a ton of glass jars off my hands. She’s going to make snow globes for the kiddos.
  • I’m beginning to understand what I want in life.
  • And, sadly, know that I need to let go of a few people entirely. Which wasn’t expected… but at least I’m prepared for.
  • I have two lunch dates each week for the next month. Friends and coworkers who want to help, who want to listen, and who care (will be watching out for the ones who want to care as more-than-friends).
  • Having a relationship with my brother. The age difference has always made it hard for us to communicate. But I think we’ve finally gotten to the point where we can. And I honestly miss him.
  • The clouds are gone. And they haven’t been back in three days.

~ by shespeakstruth on January 23, 2013.