Setting a deadline to contact the Dr.

Remember way back when to the IUD debacle?

I haven’t forgotten it, considering everything went horribly wrong one diagnosis after another. I’ve been thinking about the level of care I received at the time, and can’t wrap my head around everything that went on with the first doc. I suppose I could have been more straight forward in my description of the problem looking back at on it.. but wanted to share to start thinking about how to proceed from here on out

The week that the IUD was expelled, I sent him this message (I was limited in the number of characters I was able to send. Forgive the incomplete sentences):

“Hello there. I got an IUD put in a month ago. Got my period for the first time. I was expecting a heavier period–and got it–but need to know: Will my period be like this for the next 10 years? Is it just ridiculously unmanageable because it’s the first with this IUD? To put it into better perspective, I’ve had to change Super tampons every hour, sometimes before, or it turns disastrous. I’m coupling thick pads with tampons and am afraid to leave my desk, or go into an hour-long meeting at work. Commuting home is even a nightmare, and my life is being taken over by this period. It can’t possibly be healthy (And I’m even dizzy at times). Help?”

And then got this in return:

[Patient Name]
Typically, the first period will be heavy, and then decreased flow with second period. I would suggest waiting to see how next period flow is.

So I waited. And then called the office again a few days later. I got as far as talking to a nurse who said the exact same thing even when I mentioned I had an “accident” at work (and bled through tampon, pad, underwear, work pants, coworker’s chair). When I mentioned that I couldn’t go 20 minutes without a disaster. And when I mentioned that I was literally chained to my desk in a business environment where I have to be in meetings constantly.

I finally just gave up and called my doctor in Wyoming. And then…yeah. She said it wasn’t normal. That I was losing too much blood. That she was seriously worried. And then she may have even uttered a curse word with regard to this other doc.

She urged me to get the damn IUD taken out as soon as possible… But I guess that was taken care of for me.

There’s more to it… Xrays taken when I was pregnant (Even though I asked…), birth control information sent to me (even though I notified them I was pregnant), blood techs who pried into my pregnancy (when I was really there for an abortion)… it goes on and on and on.

Why were there so many problems?

So I’m giving myself another week to write this letter. If not to the doc, then the supervising authority in charge. Just to let them know that it’s been on my mind and I’m seriously not happy with how it went.

I’ll try to share snippets when I respond. I’ve learned to research my own health and diagnoses better because of this experience, and have started to question everything to see if necessary. It’s probably in my best interest, but geezus. Why is healthcare so expensive in this country if I’m doing the work? And is it ok for a patient to be worrying 24/7 about the doc’s best interests for that patient?

I think, in the end, this will either provide closure and make me more comfortable with my health coverage… or let me realize that this situation was not handled to the best of it’s ability and that I require, and should search for, better.

We’ll see. At the moment, I feel silly, immature and just…uneducated. Naive.


~ by shespeakstruth on January 4, 2013.