5 random things that make me happy today; 1 thing that pisses me off

  1. Hot showers. To the point of scalding. I haven’t met anyone who can handle showers at the temperature I keep them at (not that I’ve showered with everyone under the sun….). There’s nothing more relaxing than steam. Nothing more clean feeling than slightly pink skin. Still warm to the touch when I step out of the shower. And, quite frankly, I feel the most comfortable in my skin when I’m naked.
  2. New shoes. I’ve bought two pair in the last week (shocking. I know. Shut up.). Both have had 4″ heels. And you know what? I feel GOOD taller. Like something is amplified in me. And it’s something that I haven’t really delved into. I feel like I’m breaking out of my comfort zone a bit with them. Plus they’re hot.
  3. No-chip manicures. They’re the only way I can grow out my nails. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the length and color…that I’m amazed what it does to my mood and emotional well-being when I go into a salon and get them done. My only resolution for 2013 is to do more things that make me feel good for happiness’ sake. Manicures are on the top of this list.
  4. Dropping things off at the GoodWill. Recently I’ve just wanted to purge my life of all the excess. And so far I’ve managed to fill 5 30-gallon tubs with crap. I’m going to watch what comes into my home, and only make it things that I care a lot about. This love list obviously will include the aforesaid shoes 😉
  5. Glee. The music. The characters. Amazing…. I feel like I’m leaning a lot more on music lately. I’ve even tried searching the stores for a CD to buy (shocking. I know…from someone who was a self-proclaimed music hater until recently). So while I’m still slightly close-minded about the musical variety in my life, I’m happy to admit that I’m listening again thanks to Glee.
  1. Carpet beetles. I don’t know how they got into the apartment, but you know how IRRITATING they are? They love to eat CLOTHING. Even if the clothing is hanging up in a closet… they will chew a hole through it. If it’s laying on the ground? They will chew a hole through it. If it’s laying in a hamper? HOLE. Damn these things. I can’t figure out how to get rid of them. No amount of hot water, cleaning, bleach, vacuuming etc. will get rid of them. Bah.




~ by shespeakstruth on January 2, 2013.