My Recent Pick-Me-Ups

I’m not saying they worked… or are working… But for a brief flitting moment, they made things easier.

  • A 6-pack of Reese’s Pieces, eaten two at a time (recent Christmas gift)
  • Two hours in The Limited. Where I emerged with four pants, four tank tops and two sweaters.
  • Two rewards cards from Victoria’s Secret. Two pair of workout socks. 1 free panty with lace.
  • A $100-off coupon from Helzberg Diamonds. 1 free pair of gold studs with star detailing.
  • Zappos browsing. Which led to the inevitable purchase of Nine West’s Maximus in Natural.
  • DSW $10-off coupon. Again, I ended up with Calvin Klein’s Kendall (I ended up only paying $44 for them…)
  • Two cardigans, a long sleeve tee, a short sleeve tee, and two oversized cocktail rings from H&M
  • 5 full 30-gallon totes of random household crap donated to GoodWill.
  • A shellac manicure (sparkly ruby slipper) and classic pedicure (gold champagne).
  • Seasons 1 and 2 of Glee.
  • Some Nights by Fun.
  • Apple cider mixed with black cherry sparkling water.
  • The fact that each day is a new one.

~ by shespeakstruth on December 31, 2012.