Its about “us”

I know I post about a lot of random things. In random ways.

But all these marriage problems? Are about me and my husband. Things I’ve been feeling for a while, but have been too scared to do anything about it in the past.

Have others put their mark on this? Yes. Bright Eyes has made some comments that brought things to light. My mom… hell.. wasn’t surprised by my infidelities or by my feelings. I could credit IT guy with the fact that I DO have feelings for him (those aren’t his fault. Though he could TRY a bit harder to be less irresistible…). But honestly, those feelings helped me realize that it’s not fair for my marriage. Period. He’s not the reason this is happening.

I think it could be easier… but I don’t have the person to make that happen.

Repeat: I’m doing this to be happier.


Repeat: Even if I’m scared I’ll be alone forever… I’m doing this for me.



~ by shespeakstruth on December 30, 2012.