My Quarter-Life Crisis

I’m in a dark place right now. Where tears and depressed thoughts run rampant. Where I’m destructive to myself and not very kind to those around me. I’m struggling and I am not sure where to turn to to actually get help.

I don’t want to be me right now.

I have no place where I can go and just be alone. To be consumed by my own thoughts, to not be swayed by someone else’s opinion. I feel utterly and entirely alone. Despite other people having been here… it feels completely and uniquely about just me.

How did I get so far down this road?

Where everything feels like it’s against me?

Where I feel like I’ve been driven into a depressed stupor?

Where I’m honestly lost without an ounce of happiness?

I need to just get out of here…. something needs to change.


~ by shespeakstruth on November 21, 2012.