The ParaGard IUD: X-Ray Update and Week After

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When I left you last, I was getting an x-ray that would confirm whether the IUD was still floating around somewhere in my abdomen (thus requiring surgery).
I went into the hospital, had the x-ray done, and waited for the doctor to call the next day. He called a little after noon with the news that the x-ray came back without showing the IUD. No surgery needed. But I needed to use contraception since I wasn’t currently on any.

What an absolute relief. I had been worried about the IUD perforating the uterine wall, floating around and stabbing internal organs, etc. Nice to know that wasn’t needed, but I had a new worry: What if I was pregnant?

When I found out the IUD was missing, before the ultrasound, I took a pregnancy test. I had one in my bathroom, wasn’t anything special aside from the peeing on a stick variety. And it came back that I wasn’t pregnant.

After the ultrasound and before the x-ray I got more worried about being pregnant. The test that I had in my bathroom actually expired months before. I figured it was still the same year, and it was probably fine. But now the thought, “What if…” swirled in my mind. Before the x-ray, I needed to take another one. “What if…I was pregnant, and an x-ray would hurt the fertilized embryo?” was the next concern.

I took another (this time brand new) over-the-counter pee-on-stick pregnancy test. It also came back negative.

But I’ve had some uncomfortable body changes that happen to happen during PMS AND pregnancy since the x-ray. So again, my worries are back. What if it just wasn’t long enough to wait for the positive test to show up? I’m exactly 28 days out from my last period and not really feeling like I’m getting this damn thing anytime soon. Many pregnancy tests say, “Test results as soon as 5 days before your missed period!” or “Test results as soon as your missed period.” What if I hadn’t left enough time? Right now my nipples are hard 24/7 (talk about painful. It hurts to just brush against these babies), I’m tired, body has aches in weird places, and my face is breaking out.

It just so happens that these are some things I’ve experienced while on birth control too… so I’m unsure how to take it. As of now, I’m just hoping and praying that I get a period in the next week. If that doesn’t happen… I’ll go to the doc to have a professional strength pregnancy test done. I may need to start talking to him about why my period was thrown off by a non-hormonal IUD and any long-lasting damage/when my body will reset itself.

I’m also, at this point, confused as to why the DOCTOR didn’t require me to do a pregnancy test. He knew I had had unprotected sex sometime after this IUD had removed itself. Why wasn’t this a concern for him? WHY DIDN’T HE THINK OF THIS?

Cross your fingers. I’ve never been so hopeful that I get a period….it’s just not the right time in my life to be having a wee one…


~ by shespeakstruth on November 10, 2012.