Would you rather….

Read the scenario and then choose the answer that best applies to you:


You and your significant other want to watch TV. You aren’t big into TV in general, and hardly watch movies due to your own personal preference. He/she watches TV all the time, and typically has something he/she wants on TV. You decide a movie would be great, so you head to the nearest RedBox to view the selection (you needed to pick up milk anyway, and your nearest RedBox is also conveniently located in front of a grocery store! Score!). You are browsing through the selection of DVDs and Blu-Rays, asking if your SO would watch certain movies. He/She says no to everything you pick and doesn’t offer up alternatives. So you both leave, angry at having wasted time and angry that no one came to a conclusion.

To wrap your head around this, do you decide:

  1. Watch what he/she likes. Because you don’t care about the movie, you care about spending quality time with your SO, free from any and ALL distractions (no cellphones, computers, books or other electronic devices allowed).
  2. Watch what you like. Because he/she didn’t offer up any alternatives and, damnit, it’s not a waste of time if you can at least see something you want to see.
  3. Walk away without getting a movie and not solving anything. Never rent a movie again because you know how well compromise happens, even when you offer to watch something they like.


Because, to me, I would rather stab out my eye balls than watch some grotesque horror/action flick or craptastic humor movie that insults all women and wives. And that’s typically what I’m offered up. So I tell him he can watch those, and that I’ll sit right next to him, but I won’t devote all my attention to it. I’d never force him into seeing a movie of mine…why should he do the same? I tend to grab my phone or my laptop, write, talk to my mom/friends, or just read. This irritates him to no end.

He says he would rather watch any movie just so he can spend time with me. He only considers it spending time with me, however, if I’m not doing anything else and am paying full/complete attention. But those “any movies”? Are conveniently only the ones he wants to watch—the grotesque horror or craptastic humor. So really my option would be watching tv with him, and being forced into offensive stuff in order to spend time together… it seems so wrong. Why not NO TV and NO internet? Let’s…play cards or a game?

So we fought. Again. Over the stupidest things again. I just walked away from the machine, willing to admit defeat and just do something else. But he got angry. Defensive. Pissed off that yet again I wouldn’t be sitting there, watching with him. We don’t agree on music. movies. games. social life. anything fun. We know this. I’m as opposed as he is. So where and how do we come to an agreement?

I find TV a waste of time generally, and would rather talk to friends and family online (this is my only way, atm, since I live across the US from most of them). It’s free and I feel like I’m being social. He prefers to stay at home. And bitch.


I feel like I’m trapped. I don’t mind giving in every so often (it’s called compromise) but when does compromise become reciprocal?


~ by shespeakstruth on November 6, 2012.