I feel like a new person

I don’t often get to go out alone, sans husband. But it’s always exhilarating when I do.

It’s something else entirely when I don’t have to worry about another person–are they included? Are they having fun? Are they wanting to leave? Are they getting along with everyone? Are they ok?

When I’m with my husband, everything is instantly about him 24/7. I can’t ever just be myself. But tonight was wonderful… out with a handful of ladies from my work, celebrating someone who is no longer with us. Eating and drinking whatever we want. Bringing up memories, talking about new experiences, new things that have happened since we last met.

Just how well we all got along with another… ages ranging from 26 to 66.

I’m running on a high of being around people with the same priorities, demands, and desires as I. From laughter, and tears From smiles and hugs. From just pure honesty.

I want to soak in moments like these… and remember walking down Michigan Avenue, my ears stinging from the cold. My smile still spread across my face. My eyes taking in the glow surrounding street lamps, taxi cabs, shop windows.

I may love the clear blue sky of wide open Wyoming…. but there’s no experience like walking in heels and a miniskirt in the big city and imagining you own it.

I feel like a new person right now.


~ by shespeakstruth on October 30, 2012.